Senior Partner

Jo Seawright

Jo has worked with large corporations to small family run businesses over several decades as a systems specialist, a business coach and leadership mentor, and more recently as a non-executive director and private investor.

From the distressed business owner who needs a lifeline, to the established looking to retire and leave a legacy, to the ambitious who is looking to fast track through acquisition, she is able to look at both exit and growth strategies as well as preparing the business for success after the resultant changes.

Jo works across many different sectors across the UK, Europe and the US, built a formidable network of professionals and currently owns business across the UK, but has a particular focus in North of England, South of Scotland and the Central Belt, and is looking to acquire solid SME’s in the £1m – £10m bracket, however everything is based on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the business and it’s owner.