Senior Partner

Craig Keddie

Craig is an innovative and adaptable individual with a global mindset.

Engaged in extensive international collaboration, a unique and valuable technique to drive critical thinking and manage strategically has been developed over his 25+ year career. His experience spans a wide range of industries including; I.T, fintech, digital media, e-commerce, real estate, health care, investment management, and international finance.

Craig is a Chartered Banker and Member of the CBIS; a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and member of ACAMS; he holds certifications in Bank Financial Management from the ABA and earlier in his career held Microsoft Certified System Engineer status.

He has spent significant time living and working from many countries around the world and has ingrained an instinctive appreciation for cross-cultural differences, the ability to manage geographically dispersed teams, to overcome language challenges and ensure the smooth operation of business affairs globally.

Primary Sectors of Interest: Qualitative & Quantitative Applied Sciences / TICC industries where business models focus on Testing (Medical, Physiological, Psychological, Chemical, etc.); Inspection; Certification; Compliance; Investigation; Surveying; Appraisal / Valuation; Evaluation; Analysis & Assessment; Calibration & Measurement.