Senior Partner

Bertram Odili-obi

Bertram is based in Poland and the UK. As a former TV Producer he is experienced in sourcing funding, putting together and managing teams that consistently deliver desired results. As a Sales Trainer and Marketing Specialist, he is passionate about fostering the relationships necessary to help SMEs increase sales, drive down costs and expand their growth possibilities. He is interested in investing in companies where he can help business owners identify overlooked assets, hidden opportunities and sources of new revenues and profits in their businesses.

Wrt turning around your business, Bertram specifically helps identify your company’s overlooked assets, underperforming activities and relationships, hidden opportunities and sources of revenues and profits. He focuses exclusively on helping you create and maintain SYSTEMS that:

– Analyse & Diagnose Your Current Marketing: Break down all the steps in your current marketing processes into distinct steps, activities and behaviours.

– Create Joint Ventures: Help you identify and create multiple joint ventures designed to ethically take advantage of other people’s resources, relationships, money, expert knowledge, etc in creative ways that bring you new opportunities for mutual gain over the long term.  This is probably the most important thing he does to find and leverage other people’s resources (OPR) for the collective good.

– Create New Products, Categories & Backend: Expand your product lines, creating new products and new product categories through repackaging current products, licensing new products, co-creating with customers and/or joint venture partners, finding completely new uses and/or markets for current products, creating derivatives of current products, and more.

– Change Your Marketing Mix, Change Your Sales: Increase your sales through implementing systems that strategically employ a mix of marketing and sales tools including creating timely and irresistible offers, discounts, upsells, guarantees, risk reversal, bringing back former customers, website marketing,  and more.

– Create Multiple Sources of Clients, Sales & Profits: Build and rebuild your entire marketing on a foundation of multiple client and profit sources instead of dependence on only one source.

– Intensively Focus on Distribution: More intensively and creatively use your current distribution channels while actively re-packaging your current and new products to be sold via completely new distribution channels.

– Automate Referrals: Increase the number of your customers and your sales revenues by systematizing referrals as a consistent part of every single customer or prospect interaction.

– Eliminate Waste: Critically analyse your entire marketing and sales processes to identify and eliminate all sources of waste.

– Deploy Profitable Pricing Strategies: Employ multiple pricing strategies designed to help you meet strategic goals with each product.

– Cut out one-dimensional thinking: Help you break out of the this-is-how-we-have-always-done-it way of seeing the world and of approaching issues.

– Test EVERYTHING: Create systems for safely and continually testing every element of your  marketing and sales process – and then implementing only the best.

– Do the Marketing Math: A key part of what I’ll be doing wrt the turnaround process is determining your baseline numbers – some of the critical marketing numbers without which it is virtually impossible to properly determine the best marketing strategy for you. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Calculating the Lifetime Value of each individual customer: This would help determine how much we can afford to spend to reach and bring in new customers for you, while still remaining profitable. It forms the basis for creating mutually profitable joint ventures.

  • Profitability by Customer: This answers the question of which of your customers bring in revenue, which can or should we bump up and which must we immediately cut loose?

  • Profitability by Product: This answers the question of which of your products make money and which are of strategic importance?

  • Customer Acquisition Costs: What is your real cost of acquiring a new customer?

  • … and more.