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For SME Business Owners

Our Business Programs

30% of all businesses are owned by baby boomers, in the next 10 years, all baby boomers will have retired, either closing their business or selling it. Is your business ready for the biggest transfer of wealth in history?

Business Rescue

Is your business facing financial difficulties and in need of help? Our business rescue team has many years of experience in helping to fix business issues and protecting your assets/IP

Merger & Acquisition

Double the size of your business with one acquisition! We can help to fast track the growth of your business by joining our Business Acquisition Partnership Programme

Exit Your Business

Planning to exit your business now or in the future? Preparing for an exit is something every business owner should do and we can help to maximise your valuation.


There are many benefits in a publically traded company, offering shareholders to exit when they want with a high business valuation whilst leaving a legacy behind that's secured for future success.

Why Choose Synergy Business Partners

Getting you where you want to be!

Our primary goal is to help you to get the most out of your business

Synergy Partners is comprised of a group of investors and advisors who focus on advising small to medium businesses on profitable exits and or acquisitions by larger firms.

Through a clear vision, plan and implementation, we assist you as the business owner in getting the best value for your business so you can spend the rest of your years doing what brings you joy.

Our partners are experienced entrepeneurs who all own businesses and are well versed in all areas of operating a business. Each partner has a specific skill set and as a subject matter expert, they are at our client’s disposal.

Along with the specific knowledge, our partners are deployed throughout the world, this allows us to work with a myriad of businesses in the U.K., USA, Europe and Asia with confidence and a clear vison of the optimal outcome for our clients.


Are you looking to exit your Business?

We are actively seeking businesses who are looking to exit with the following criteria


Have you been in business for at least 5 years?


Does your business have profits of at least £200k per year?


Do you have an established management team in place?